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Lovely food, friendly service

Karen, 03 Oct 2020

Fabulous food as always! Thank you, you never let us down!

Julie, 26 Sep 2020

Very efficient service and lovely people

Caroline, 26 Sep 2020

The best food, always so fresh. THANK YOU

Rebecca, 14 Sep 2020

  Reply : Thanks for your review Rebecca so glad you're enjoying your Ashiana experience

Always excellent

Nathalie, 05 Sep 2020

  Reply : Thank you Nathalie glad you're enjoying the meals

We love your food. Flavour is good and it's not greasy. The only I wish is that its a bit too.spicy for me.

Erika, 05 Sep 2020

  Reply : Hi Erika so glad you enjoying the meals. The meals that you order are the one's which are most spicy and sometimes the fresh green chillies can give it an extra kick. Next time you order we will tone it down for you.

Always great food!!!

Alison, 11 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thanks for your review Alison glad your enjoying our meals

Amazing food and great service, as always!

Helen, 10 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thanks Helen for your review thanks for the comments were sincerely humbled

For my personal taste some of the food could have done with a touch more salt. But that's personal and easily altered at home, so no problem really. Overall a brilliant and varied meal, and great value.

Joe, 12 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thanks Joe for your comments will take it into consideration however we are trying to use less salt glad you enjoyed your meal

Amazing takeaway, have been using this for years now and even moving out of the area I still keep come if back. Cannot best it. Such a lovely family who really care about their customers

Lauren, 05 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thanks Lauren humbled as always and thanks you for being such a wonderful customer and friend ? for all these years

Hope you are all well, it's Friday I can hear your shutters on the back opening. Straight away I feel hungry! You've got me well trained. I hope you are able to open soon..

Richard Norreys, 15 May 2020

  Reply : Were up and running now ready with your Usual Richard see you on Friday night

We love you guys so much <3

Christina, 27 Mar 2020

  Reply : Hi Christina we love and now miss you as well we are closed due to the unpresent situation at the moment however we will be back as soon as ti make you a Lovely Spinach Paneer

I like the new online ordering system. Much better than others. I would like a little more description on some options like aloo Gobi, just like you have on the mains. I struggle to remember what some of the does are. But it still is a great website from a great restaurant we have used for years and the food is always brilliant. I'd like payment by card to be easier, like PayPal, but also understand this can be expensive for the operator. So ultimately good and nice and easy to order.

Tom, 08 Feb 2020

  Reply : Thanks Tom for your review glad your enjoying the meals aswell as the website we could go in to detail with the dishes on the menu but really prefer customers to call us so that we can personally explain the dishes how ever we will look into your request thank you once again for your positive and informative feedback.

Very nice food

Erika, 11 Jan 2020

  Reply : thanks Erika glad you enjoyed your ashiana experience

Since moving away from the area I really miss your food! Website is getting better

Caroline, 11 Jan 2020

  Reply : Thanks Caroline sorry to hear you have moved your always welcome to pop in when your in the area

Amazing food and service

Michael, 05 Jan 2020

  Reply : Thanks Micheal thanks for your review

Lovely, friendly people and delicious food. What more could you ask for?

Anna, 11 Dec 2019

  Reply : Thanks Anna such a humbling review its reviews like this that have kept us going for the past 35 years.

Excellent as always!

Sideshowbobcbr, 01 Dec 2019

  Reply : thanks for your review glad you enjoyed your ashiana experience


Debbie, 08 Nov 2019

  Reply : Thanks Debbie


Michael Hux, 02 Nov 2019

Our favourite takeaway curry.

Paul, 19 Oct 2019

  Reply : thanks Paul

Great service from this takeaway, we use them all the time. We had my father in-law over who couldn't eat onions due to surgery and they created two dishes (even though we only paid for one) just in case one wasn't right for him. Really lovely

Suzanne, 09 Oct 2019

  Reply : Suzzane humbled by your review thanks I do remember and glad that he enjoyed his meal

Always high quality

Nicholas, 28 Sep 2019

  Reply : Thanks Nicholas glad you enjoyed your ashiana experience

All good

Michele, 14 Sep 2019

  Reply : thanks Michele for your review glad you enjoyed your ashiana experience

Best takeaway around

Ellie, 14 Sep 2019

  Reply : thanks Ellie glad your enjoying your ashiana experience

Delicious food!!!

Lauryn, 17 Aug 2019

  Reply : thanks Lauryn glad you enjoyed your ashiana experience